Cognition or dogma? 

I wrote this for a facebook group, and transferred it on yet another group from which I expected more feedback. The beginning might lack a little context, but it should be OK. It was a blog post concerned with this title topic.

…Very nice. About overreaching [“conflating belief and knowledge”], etc. I had not tought about this precise understanding. And obviously it’s still a matter of insecurity, sheer hidden fear clinging to dogma as if for dear life…

I liked the idea of beholding – rather than clinging to – “the inherent mysteriousness in the religious transcendent” and I’d add its nondual sister immanence.

Why do we need so bad to assert?

Mystics and great meditators know better and that’s why they take the apophatic language to refer to what they have intuited, glimpsed or sensed: ineffable, unfathomable, inconceivable, both this and its opposite, neither that nor not that, etc. These last two are paradoxes, which are also essential tools of the mystic expression. And obviously they talk with an abundance of metaphors, parables, etc. knowing it’s still just that, words and images.

Yet the “realm of timelessness” affects this world very subtly, it’s seems. Hence mysticism. But this also says that our human cognition can apprehend that elusive realm even though it cannot comprehend it.

(I hope my English is still OK at this point…..!o!)

Finally I was thinking that the ineffable in Buddhism is: Emptiness, Nonduality, and Buddha-nature. I started smiling to myself as I realized, that these three all have a technical concrete counterpart… As if we said: OK we’re not gonna wait for satori here, so let’s work with this… So I was wondering if it was a sidestepping or perhaps a steppingstone for the mystic insight…

[Technical versions of the triad to come]


3 thoughts on “Cognition or dogma? 

    1. allan rockwell

      Did I just trash the very beginning of my answer?
      Anyway… I’ll suppose I don’t need to be overly explicit since you’re asking, and I suppose you understand this needs exploration and refinement.
      Quick answer because it’s now 4:30AM in Montréal.
      Emptiness means objects are devoid on independent existence, therefore interdependence is emptiness.
      An example of Non-duality would be that unity doesn’t contradict multiplicity… After a minimal grasp of emptiness we could see that autonomous objects are not independent and the total holon is one. Even more concrete I have what I call the Taoist vase, where the clay is just as important as the shape it has, and furthermore the “essence”-function of the vase lies in its central emptiness…etc. there’s much more to say here. Now, for the layman I call Buddha-nature natural intelligence, referring to the intuitive knowingness (rigpa) and responsiveness underlying the constructs of the verbal-emotional “field”. So we may simply talk about intuition. So there you go, the pre-draft of a first draft. *smiling* this would be enough for a child from 8 to 13. Now I promise that when I’m at the second draft I’ll give you the link. Well… If I like it enough it’s going to be right here… I already have a few stubs, or what I call seeds, because I have not yet publicized my blog. I just don’t know how good this is but I have 1050 followers on twitter. That should be enough for me because the main point is that i accelerate my writing for my own sanity. Also you should know that my real name is Alain Larochelle so English is my second language, and I’m always on guard against the quirks I might not see. Anyhow. I’ll go visit your blog cause because I’m intently interested in the link between Buddhism and quantum physics. Do have a look at my Twitter. I recently talked about that.

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  1. allan rockwell

    While we’re meeting I might as well tell you the bulk of my thought is my likes, but I have not gotten rid of the regular likes of recent months. Twitter is also the “Bulk” because I’ve got stolen my drafts, notes, schemas, and whatnot *twice* in 6 years! That and tablets, phones, and whatever was in those bags. I was going nuts the second time… But, it’s as if the Spirit had said “do it once again, it’s going to be better, and there’s more where that comes from, your inner knowingness combined with a lifetime of study.” “–Oh thank you somehow Spirit, but this time I’ll back everything up.” *chuckling* OK, I’ll read you soon.


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