About me

 je suis celui qui n’est ni n’est pas / enfant de tous les paradoxes de l’espace et du silence / je suis cette étreinte et vibrance / cet amant de Lilamayi l’inconcevable magicienne / je suis ce père de bouddhas dont les noms couvent en moi / bien qu’au-delà du temps mon essence / se murmure indéfiniment


i am he that neither is nor is not / child of every paradoxes of space and silence / i am this embrace and resonance / this lover of Lilamayi the inconceivable magician / i am the father of Buddhas whose names are blooming within / though beyond time my essence / murmurs itself indefinitely …

Alain Larochelle / 2005



Resilience and Aloofness

The warrior meets the world with a slight sense of detachment, a sense of distance and precision. This aspect of confidence is the natural instinct of fearlessness which allows the warrior to meet challenges without losing his integrity. ~{Chögyam Trungpa Rimpoché | Source

The Inconceivable Abode

“Just as many rivers are one in the ocean, all half-truths are swallowed by the One Truth; the effulgence of the sun illuminates all dark corners.”
~ Saraha

How well it dances this
breathing body of mine
at once firm and supple
serene and ebullient it dances
with all the might of its unconfined
joy and sorrow confounded,
around this phantom corpse of me,
as a tribute to who I was.

–Freedom in the midst of constraints!
How many paradoxes are withheld within
that I cannot fathom but by
unfolding enacting them?
The sublime simplicity of my essence
contains and expresses myriad complexities;
my virtuality, free of being something,
unfolds its everything.

This is why it settles nowhere
this spacious mind of mine
yet remains hidden always
in the inconceivable abode.

And now I sing Laozi’s mysteries
– hold my hand, lead my soul
to your vast Intent.

“Know the Yang but keep to the Yin,
know the proactive yet adhere to the receptive,
soon you become the riverbed of the world
– where all rivers flow under heaven.
This is how responsive Efficacy returns
to the primordial Way to settle,
by following, not by leading.
I adhere to the Way, however elusive;
my poise tuning in to the steadfast Efficacy,
soon I am back home restored
to the pristine condition of the newborn.”

We are space-time-bliss ever-birthing
variegated galaxies expanding,
with no end in sight to our exuberance
we are the Spirit’s indomitable creative joy.

Oh how unfathomable our unrecognized ampleness!

Even as I wear my name I am
still not this character, I am
still not this bundle of scripts, I am
an actor unbound but by scenarios
now thrown to the wind.

Suddenly dropping my masks
I laugh and laugh as I startle
and surprise myself again
and again then improvise on every strings,
a harp resounding on every winds.

We are myths, our fiction is truer,
we are poetry, our song echoes
every harmonics of our fundamental mystical freedom

Iris, playful goddess of the elusive rainbow