∞ Om! Baghavan Sarvathatāgatavajra,

I vow to surrender wholly to the Mind of Awakening and actualize the universal Intent.

Now in my every action and thought I vow to mirror the Clear Light harmony;

I shall embody and express the ever-appropriate qualities of the One Mind;

I shall entice, enhance and carry forth the meaningful, the soulful in my very becoming and sacralize my life and other’s.

By the Spirit’s Grace enlivening the innermost aspiration, I shine and overflow with kindness unfailing while I condense purposeful resolve;

By the Spirit’s Grace I am evermore joyfully inhabiting awareness and responsiveness, while I sustain the efficient compassion of active wisdom.

The Spirit grants me this privilege of balancing the paradoxes of gentle ruthlessness, deliberate spontaneity, and silent knowingness.

May i never depart from serenity, confidence, appreciation, in the fulfillment of innate buddheity. 

Om Ah Hum Svaha ∞


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