A String of Shiny Beads

Life is a holographic dream, so dream yourself anew, dream yourself open-ended so you don’t know what to expect and go beyond imagination.

Drop the storyline the sorry script, tune in to your gestating myth; anchored in the depth of your authenticity it cannot be ‘defined’ yet surges through ceaselessly.

How rigid we become! How narrow! Our delusory haven is our demise. -Venture forth in the thrill and freedom of the unknown!

We cling to images of world and self to alleviate our angst and bewilderment, never trusting or even acknowledging our yet ever-accessible innate wisdom.

We are addicted to images of world and self  because we can’t stand our tenderness, not having recognized its finely tuned sensitivity and ever-appropriate responsiveness.

I vow to drop my shields of words and scenarios; the tragedies that have befallen me I don’t need to sustain nor resolve. They’re not mine nor anyone’s

I cast away my shroud of drama and dismantle the scaffolds of my the dazzling yet empty armour identity,

Having cast away my masks and self-paraphernalia, at last I meet this vastness of the world naked, with full sensitivity, openness and responsiveness.

In meeting the all-freeing spaciousness of the dream world, i meet the plenitude of its all-meaningful vividness.

This is Great Completeness, the ever-perfected pervading nature.




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