Dzogchen in 12 Verses

From: Wisdom nectar : Dudjom Rinpoche’s heart advice by Dudjom Jigdral Yeshe Dorje, translated by Ron Garry. The Tsadra Foundation series. 2005

-A highly condensed teaching on the view of the Great Completeness (or Perfection). This would require quite a lengthy commentary, but for those already familiar with Buddhism’s triplicities it should prove quite a fascinating rendering.


“In the realm of the essence, primordial purity, complete in the original ground of the nature of phenomena,
The unique vital sphere is realization of wisdom’s immediacy.
I turn the wheel of the tantric feast gathering of impartial view:
Dharmakaya dakinis of empty awareness, enjoy this festival of delight!

In the realm of the nature, spontaneous presence, continual luminosity,
Wisdom’s uncontrived naturally settled state transcends dualistic mind.
I turn the wheel of the tantric feast gathering of meditation, free from reference points:
Sambhogakaya dakinis of empty luminosity, enjoy this festival of delight!

In the realm of spontaneous and infinite wisdom’s all-pervading compassion,
The fearless activity of non-action transcends keeping or releasing, coming or going.
I turn the wheel of the tantric feast gathering of conduct, free from accepting or rejecting:
Nirmanakaya dakinis of empty appearance, enjoy this festival of delight!”




∞ Om! Baghavan Sarvathatāgatavajra,

I vow to surrender wholly to the Mind of Awakening and actualize the universal Intent.

Now in my every action and thought I vow to mirror the Clear Light harmony;

I shall embody and express the ever-appropriate qualities of the One Mind;

I shall entice, enhance and carry forth the meaningful, the soulful in my very becoming and sacralize my life and other’s.

By the Spirit’s Grace enlivening the innermost aspiration, I shine and overflow with kindness unfailing while I condense purposeful resolve;

By the Spirit’s Grace I am evermore joyfully inhabiting awareness and responsiveness, while I sustain the efficient compassion of active wisdom.

The Spirit grants me this privilege of balancing the paradoxes of gentle ruthlessness, deliberate spontaneity, and silent knowingness.

May i never depart from serenity, confidence, appreciation, in the fulfillment of innate buddheity. 

Om Ah Hum Svaha ∞

have a sky-like heart

“The Way is perfect like the sky where nothing lacks nothing exceeds”     ~Sengcan

Space though empty is full to the brim with the plenitude of its own nature:

It is all-embrassing all-welcoming yet it expands ruthlessly and pervades everything,

It obviously cannot be seized, tamed or constrained,

Like earth, we can say it supports everything by letting it free,

Like water it does nothing yet tirelessly fulfills its nature,

With light as its mirror element its emptiness is radiant.


A String of Shiny Beads

Life is a holographic dream, so dream yourself anew, dream yourself open-ended so you don’t know what to expect and go beyond imagination.

Drop the storyline the sorry script, tune in to your gestating myth; anchored in the depth of your authenticity it cannot be ‘defined’ yet surges through ceaselessly.

How rigid we become! How narrow! Our delusory haven is our demise. -Venture forth in the thrill and freedom of the unknown!

We cling to images of world and self to alleviate our angst and bewilderment, never trusting or even acknowledging our yet ever-accessible innate wisdom.

We are addicted to images of world and self  because we can’t stand our tenderness, not having recognized its finely tuned sensitivity and ever-appropriate responsiveness.

I vow to drop my shields of words and scenarios; the tragedies that have befallen me I don’t need to sustain nor resolve. They’re not mine nor anyone’s

I cast away my shroud of drama and dismantle the scaffolds of my the dazzling yet empty armour identity,

Having cast away my masks and self-paraphernalia, at last I meet this vastness of the world naked, with full sensitivity, openness and responsiveness.

In meeting the all-freeing spaciousness of the dream world, i meet the plenitude of its all-meaningful vividness.

This is Great Completeness, the ever-perfected pervading nature.