About Time

“Well… Time doesn’t seem to exist by itself.” he said, smiling. “But constant transformation does seem quite… inexorable, and will surely bring me to death. Now… a quiet urgency has set its nest, somewhere, in here, and I decided it’s highly preferable to, let’s say… surf the flux: it’s all about time I start writing in earnest.”


Welcome. I will be publishing twice weekly on matters of spirituality, its psychological foundations and philosophical outlooks. For now it’s nearly all prayers and poetry.

My overall stance is at the crossroad of humanistic/transpersonal psychology, buddhism – specifically atiyoga – and Castaneda’s nagualism. I also delight on daoism, śaivism, and mysticism at large.

Other interests I will not share directly here include nature, musicology, design, fundamental physics, and politics, namely integral democracy aka classical anarchism.

It is baffling how long some realities take to percolate and integrate with our daily understanding and conduct: At last I accepted, or perhaps digested, that so many disparate interests, conflicting perspectives, and even divergent morals, could only entail long delays to the dreams of my youth,  and I might as well relax and enjoy the path. 

“The path is the goal, the journey’s its own reward.”

Mine has been a meandrous and sometimes tormented journey as my life had set a course of its own; ultimately I could not but respect and appreciate my singularity, and even expand its qualities. By now I realize that everyone, even non -seekers, will eventually have to answer a call to authenticity and integrity.

“Only our innermost purpose sustains our lives. Fortunately it’s nearly impossible to uproot our core authenticity.”

My inner conflicts have settled somewhat and the stilled waters of my mind are revealing an almost entirely new calling of purposeful activity and attentive clarity.

– May my whole being resonate with the essence of reality, the inherent harmony, in my every manifestation, so that I may fulfill the aspiration of life itself through me, and everyone I can help on the path.

I’m dreaming this “I” anew, caringly, carefully reimaging myself open-ended, so that I don’t know what to expect, trust  in life’s miracles, and go beyond imagination.


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